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Why “Magnet?”

magnet-schoolWhen the WIKS-Kenya board was first introduced to the American concept of the magnet school, they were immediately attracted by the equality it suggested. In a socially stratified society, the idea of a school where students with few resources and families decimated by poverty and disease could learn alongside children from intact and prosperous families is radical and compelling. Such a premise also aligns the school’s mission with Kenyan government policy that vulnerable or indigent children not be isolated from mainstream Kenyan culture. The Board suggested the name, Nambale Magnet School – and it has proved attractive in many ways:

  • The Nambale Magnet School has attracted the encouragement and support of government and social structures in the area, which see the promise it offers to raise the quality of living for the region.
  • The Nambale Magnet School has attracted strong support from people in the U.S. and Europe who want to share resources with people who have nothing, who want to be extended family to children who have none.
  • The Nambale Magnet School has attracted a gifted faculty dedicated to providing a quality education.
  • The Nambale Magnet School is attracting students in dire need of material and intellectual support.

And we hope the Nambale Magnet School will attract you to be part of the extended family for children who have no one.

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