What’s Been Accomplished

The Early Years
  • August 2004: A U.S. team travels to Kenya to explore and identify projects designed to help destitute children
  • May 2005: Seven-acre parcel acquired for development
  • 2005 – 2007:  Initial fundraising efforts
  • August 2007: Groundbreaking
  • September 2007: Construction begins
  • December 2008: Construction of Phase 1 completed
  • January 2009: “Pioneer” class of 35 students enters school
  • Spring 2009: Vegetable gardens planted
  • August 2009: Dedication and Grand Opening Ceremony
Building the Dream
  • January 2010: Second academic year begins with 73 students
  • Spring 2010: Electrical grid/high-tension power lines connected and relocated off of school grounds
  • May 2010: First annual Prize Day Ceremony/Staff Recognition Day
  • July 2010: Two dairy heifers acquired
  • July 2010: First annual Sports Day held
  • November 2010: Greenhouse erected
  • January 2011: Third academic year begins with 130 students
  • Spring 2011: Rooftop water catchment system and two underground cisterns completed
  • May 2011: First annual Community Service Day
  • July 2011: Guest quarters for on-site volunteers completed
  • July 2011: Faculty residence cottage completed/dedicated
  • September 2011: Third dairy cow acquired
  • October 2011: First two calves born in dairy unit; fourth dairy cow acquired;
  • January 2012: Fourth academic year begins with 189 students
Present Years
  • January 2012: Fourth academic year begins with 150 students
  • March 2012: Third annual Prize Giving Day
  • April 2012: Chicken rearing initiated
  • May 2012: Second annual Community Service and Founder’s Day celebrated
  • May 2012: Two calves born
  • June 2012:
    • First visit by American Friends of Kenya (AFK)
    • AFK leads health and education workshops for NMS staff and community educators and leaders
  • November 2012:
    • First participation in 4th grade district exams
    • NMS scored 3rd overall among 50 schools
NMS students earned 3 of the top 10 scores (out of more than 2,800 district candidates)
  • January 2013: Fifth academic year begins with 215 students
  • February 2013: New two-story classroom building completed; one room becomes first NMS library
  • February 2013: Pig sty completed and piglets acquired
  • March 2013: Rabbit hutch completed
  • March 2013: New ablution facilities completed for day students
  • August 2013:
    • Second visit by American Friends of Kenya (AFK)
    • AFK education team led conference for NMS staff and AFK network leaders from western Kenya
    • AFK library team held workshop for NMS teachers and library volunteers and participated in a community library day
    • AFK medical team offers health screening to community members
  • August 2013: First biodigester installed to convert animal waste into methane gas for cooking and fertilizer for vegetable gardens
  • August 2013: Two rabbits acquired
    September 2013: Each class, from grade 1 through 5, assigned a portion of land to farm
  • November 2013:
    • Second participation in 4th grade district exams
    • NMS scored 2rd overall among 54 schools
    • A female NMS student earned the highest score (out of 2,838 district candidates)
  • November 2013:
    • First participation in 5th grade district exams
    • NMS scored 3rd overall among 54 schools
    • NMS students earned 6 of the top 10 scores (out of 2,222 district candidates)
  • January 2014: Sixth academic year begins with more than 250 students
  • Spring 2014: Completion of additional two-story academic building; second floor houses NMS computer lab
  • Fall 2014: Acquisition of additional land for future faculty housing units
  • January 2015: Seventh academic year begins with 271 students
  • January 2015: Completion of new girls dormitory first floor
  • October 2015: Completion of house for Head Teacher
  • January 2016: Eighth academic year begins with 325 students
  • June 2016: Completion of guest house
  • November 2016: First class of eighth graders graduated; all were accepted to and began high school in January 2017
  • November 2017: Another class of eighth graders graduated; superb scores on national exam; all were accepted to and began high school in January 2018
The Future


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