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In November 2016, NMS graduated its first class of eighth graders. While there was much celebrating, there is still lots to do with the arrival of 11 grades of students from three-year-old preschoolers through eighth graders arriving each January.

Now that the school has a full complement of 11 grades from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, the faculty and administration will continue its progress toward excellence. Staff will be added so upper grade teachers can increase their attention toward helping eighth graders find exciting and appropriate placements in secondary schools..

If funds become available, we will continue to improve computer resources for both students and staff, and to hire teachers of technology as well as specialists to maintain and protect both equipment and users. Other teaching specialists and necessary space and equipment will improve learning in science, music and the arts.

In 2015, the first floor of a new girls dormitory was completed. While the second floor is enclosed, funds are needed to finish that interior space.

Continued generous gifts to WIKS-USA, Inc. will allow NMS to increase the percentage of sponsored students from the current 40% to our goal of having an equal number of sponsored and fee-paying students in every grade. An additional dormitory building will become necessary as the percentage of scholarship students at NMS increases.

The new classroom and dormitory buildings will use the same water catchment system in place on the existing buildings. A third underground cistern is being considered for storing additional rainwater. All stored water will be purified for use in drinking and bathing. Funding is being sought so that a borehole can be excavated, to provide a more reliable source of water, especially in times of drought.

Property has been acquired, adjacent to the school, and plans have been drawn for four duplex apartments to house eight teachers. Their proximity to the school will make it easy for teachers to offer extra sessions with students after class. Additionally, on-site housing is a bonus that will allow NMS to attract the best teachers. The first of these duplexes will be completed in 2017.

In the near future, we anticipate the need for additional administrative space.

In the fall of 2013, the school installed a small biodigester that processes waste from some of the livestock and uses the resulting methane gas byproduct to supplement fuel used in the kitchen. As a result, fewer trees are cut down for firewood, and the resulting organic fertilizer is being used on the school’s crops to increase yield. In time, we hope to add a larger biodigester to increase the benefits to plant production and the environment.

Our goal for Nambale Magnet School to become fully self-sustaining is likely to require an endowment fund; if you are considering a six or seven-figure gift, consider helping us for the long term.

The Grants Coordination Team continues to apply for grants from organizations committed to funding education and environmentally-sustainable projects. Individual donations are always appreciated, in any amount. Please visit the Donate Now page for more information on how you can make a difference in the lives of these children and help sustain the precious environment.

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