The Dream

The Dream

From the founder

The School’s visionary and founder, Reverend Evalyn Wakhusama, is a native Kenyan and an ordained minister of the Anglican Church of Kenya. She was born and raised in the small town of Nambale in Kenya’s rural Western Province. In 1999, she began a transformative journey at the Yale Divinity School. Evalyn applied herself in earnest to her studies, in the faithful belief that the knowledge she acquired could be utilized in her ministries upon her return to Kenya in 2002. Aware of the sad reality that Western Province had few services available for people impacted by the AIDS crisis, Evalyn focused her efforts on programs to assist the local population. By 2005, she had focused on creating a residential school for children orphaned or rendered vulnerable by the AIDS crisis.

For the students

We dream of improving the lives of children orphaned or rendered vulnerable by the AIDS crisis. The Nambale Magnet School provides a disenfranchised population with access to education, enhances their livelihood by generating opportunities for self-sufficiency, and develops initiatives to promote self-confidence and survival. This is our contribution to the world through the students we sponsor. We dream of graduating many more classes of eighth grade students who will attend Kenya’s best secondary schools and best universities. We envision a world where all can harness their potential, live in dignity, enjoy productive lives, and contribute to their community.

For the facility

Construction of classrooms, residence facilities and infrastructure for 3-year olds through eighth graders has been funded and is nearing completion. The facilities are safe, clean and inviting. We dream of world-class science labs and professional science instruction, excellent library facilities staffed by library professionals. We dream of computers and teachers of technology so students learn computer skills and also have access to the information and communications tools that computers provide. Students would benefit from additional resources in the arts, music and athletics.

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